Rip Rap Hauling Services

Riprap is called by many different names in the construction industry, such as shot rock, rubble, rock armour, etc. Basically a type of rock that is used to protect buildings that are near the shore from water exposure, ice exposure, and soil erosion, riprap is usually made from limestone or granite. Sometimes rubble from concrete from a demolition of pavements or buildings is also used to make riprap. It is used not just in shorelines, but in any surface where there is a waterway or place that is continually exposed to water, such as a water containment area.

Riprap Hauling Services play an important part in ensuring that such projects get completed on time and within the budgetary limitations. If there is any delay in the hauling services, there would be an inordinate delay in the project also, resulting in loss of time and money for contractors. That is why it is very important to hire Riprap Hauling Edmonton services that are reliable, cost effective, professional, and timely for greatest project success.

Riprap is very effective in absorbing water and keeping it from affecting the other parts of the surface. They both absorb and deflect water so it doesn’t reach the areas that should be away from the water. They also protect against the damage caused by ice or other debris, which is why they are often used in the construction of supports for bridges.

At Jay Sidhu Transport Ltd., we know how important it is for riprap to get to the site on time, every time. That is why we deploy our best equipment, vehicles, and personnel to haul riprap and get it delivered on time. Our fleet of state of the art vehicles and equipment is managed by professionals from start to finish.


Riprap Hauling Services

All our staff, from the management to the hauling drivers and other staff is dedicated to the task and will stop at nothing to get the job done on time. This is why we are one of the most trusted and known to be the most reliable Riprap Hauling Edmonton services.  No matter what the scope of the project or the distance to be covered, we make sure that the riprap consignment reaches there on time and in the best condition.

Our trucks have GPS-enabled technology which makes it easier for us to manage and track them. This state of the art technology goes a long way in ensuring that your business stays ahead of the competition always!