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Jay Sidhu Transport Ltd

Jay Sidhu Transport Ltd will provide an experienced and proven Project Team composed of Management, HSE staff, aggregate haul Drivers and equipment Operators with various haul units and equipment.

Our Company provides and includes:

  • AGGREGATE HAULING – ongoing throughout the year in varying road conditions
  • EXCAVATION / LOADING OPERATION (front end loaders and excavators)
  • PORTABLE SHACK AND SCALING SERVICES, to be calibrated to specification
  • DOZER EQUIPPED to maintain haul roads during all seasons
  • STOCKPILING – EXCAVATOR SERVICE to stockpile in designated locations.

Jay Sidhu Transport Ltd consists of various configurations of hauling units which include:

  • Super B side dump
  • End dump
  • Single axle Truck and Trailer unit
  • Tri-axle Truck and Trailer unit

With our variety of hauling equipment this enables us to control delivered quantity accurately. We have the ability to increase hauling resources on demand. Our aim every Project is zero to minimal down-time while working within a safe work environment. GPS tracking and newer equipment provides us tracking capabilities that assist in preventative maintenance and smooth deliverance of service. Project and environment specific HSE meetings ensure that open communication channels are established with a mutual understanding of the scope of services that are to be provided as well as client expectations. All units are GPS configured/enabled so the Project Management can keep production in check and assure the highest quality of service is provided. All hauling units are equipped with smart phones and two-way radios.

ImgJay Sidhu Transport Ltd is a COR certified Company with workers proud to provide a professional service. We strive to maintain a high rating standard in our Profession and welcome the lower Insurance and WCB rates. With our HSE Program in effect, our work standards include following the rules, regulations, laws and bylaws – keeping up to date on information provided by: Alberta Construction Safety Association, Partnership in Injury Reduction Program, Alberta Transportation and Transport Canada. Drivers and Operators are required to follow the laws, rules and regulations or face termination from the Project.

We focus on eliminating all potential HSE factors that may impede progress in all respects. We encourage any and all ‘near misses’ to be reported and the information is discussed to provide drivers and operators the opportunity to think about the ‘what if’. We strongly encourage an incident/accident free project every time.

When requested we provide a Safety Advisor on site. Safety qualified persons are available at the home base office. A safe work environment is a healthy work environment.