Contaminate Soil Hauling Edmonton

Jay Sidhu Transport Ltd

Edmonton, Ab.

Jay Sidhu Transport Ltd. is experienced and prepared to haul contaminated soil or slurry. We make a plan / procedure with the Contractor considering the details of the contaminated product, the volume and the transport route. We then proceed to obtaining the required documentation and precautionary items needed. We strive for the best plan to expedite removal of the contaminated product. Our goal is to ensure the removal/hauling is in compliance and is properly routed to the most cost-effective destination causing the least health and environmental concerns.

Jay Sidhu Transport drivers/employees attend pre-project planning meetings and ongoing meetings or communications to remain aware of the situation. Daily Safety Meetings ensure the Drivers are reminded of the safety precautions and procedures as well as informed of the client expectations. We take pride in our work and strive to maintain our good reputation.

Hauling of contaminated soil has to be done in a very careful, professional, and scientific manner for maximum protection to the health of people around and for the safety of the environment. Contaminated soil is most often found in excavation sites or construction sites. It could either be dug up or treated above ground or it could be hauled for disposal at a landfill. Sometimes the contaminated soil may also impact the quality and safety of the groundwater, which makes it imperative to remove the contaminated soil as quickly and efficiently as possible without harm to people or the environment around.

Our Contaminated Soil Hauling Edmonton services have been trusted for years because of the level of professionalism and reliability that we bring to the job. We have a wide range of equipment for hauling out the soil, depending on the requirements of the job. No matter what the amount of contaminated soil, we have the equipment and vehicles to get it out in time.


Contaminated Soil Hauling Edmonton

We undertake Contaminated Soil Hauling Edmonton after a thorough study and research of the project in collaboration with the contractors. We plan out the transport route in advance in order to minimize the time required to reach the destination. Our vehicles are equipped with state of the art GPS equipment, two-way radios and smart phones for easy communication with the project management team on site and in the office. This makes the logistic and timeliness more effective. Our team comprises of management staff, drivers, and safety officers who are well trained and up to date with the latest HSE requirements.

We ensure that all the required documentation is acquired and ready before we start. We ensure that we are in compliance with all the government regulations regarding safety, health, and environment concerns so that everything goes smoothly. The consignment is reached to the destination on time and using the most optimal route possible without it coming into contact with any humans or the environment.

Our contaminated soil hauling services ensure that the contaminants are removed from the site at the earliest, causing absolutely no damage to anyone around or to the environment. Our special vehicles and equipment ensure that everything is transported safely and securely to the destination. Our team of professionals manages the entire process effectively and in a timely manner so that there are no hassles regarding the contaminated soil anymore for anyone!